List of effective weight loss exercises for women just starting out

Woman exercising to lose weight at home

To get rid of excess weight, you don't have to work hard in the gyms and torture yourself with diets. Of course, if we are talking about drastic weight loss and health problems, you will need the help of a nutritionist and professional trainer. But if you just want to lose 5-6 kg and get rid of that boring belly, you can easily do it at home.

Why don't we lose weight?

You should start with the unique features of your body. Some people lose weight immediately at the slightest stress, for others stress is an easy way to gain 5-10 kg, no matter the amount of food. Someone can eat too much with cake and gain 0. 5 kg, while someone is "swept away" with just one look of the cake. It's about metabolism. And if nature hasn't given you a chance to get rid of fat stores during a few trips to the gym, you shouldn't despair either. Regular physical activity, proper nutrition and rejection of bad habits are the keys to health and a beautiful figure. Yes, you may never achieve your ideal beach body, but you can feel healthy and confident without it. In addition, some people simply cannot afford regular visits to gyms and sports complexes: no time, money and even sometimes the desire. In this case, the training can be done independently, at home. In this article, we have compiled effective weight loss exercises that you can do on your own.

Central point:Sometimes the weight doesn't go down due to health problems. In this case, overweight is a symptom: possible problems with the thyroid gland, cardiovascular system and hormonal background in women. So, if the weight suddenly increases and does not go down even while dieting, this is an opportunity to urgently consult a doctor and carry out a series of tests.

Exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to a beautiful figure

Weight loss reminder

One kilogram of fat and one kilogram of muscle occupy a different volume in our body. But, unfortunately, when trying to lose weight with the help of diet alone, the muscles are "blown away" from the start. This is due to the fact that the body, experiencing stress (and any diet is stress), begins to defend itself intensely. The activated ancient brain response, in which the daily calorie intake plummeted, is evidence that the body needs to be put into a state of emergency. Stored fat is deposited, a person loses energy: the body goes into an energy-saving mode that allows you to survive without food. As a result, any diet will not work as expected if you switch to it suddenly or don't support it with physical activity. What do you need to keep in mind if you want to lose weight?

  • Gradually reduce the amount of calories in the meal. You can't suddenly stop eating fatty foods, fried meats, sweets and stop frying foods in butter if you've been doing this for the past few years. All harmful things should be gradually eliminated from the diet. If you normally consume 2000 calories a day, to lose weight, they need to drop to 1500. But you need to do this within three to four weeks, not faster!
  • Control insulin levels. This hormone transports glucose throughout the body, increasing glycogen stores in the muscles. It is this substance that is necessary for effective training. Insulin rises after each meal, interrupting fat cell processing for 1-2 hours. That is, regularly snacking on sandwiches, cookies, and sweets will lead to weight gain precisely because of increased insulin production. Carbohydrates should only be consumed at strictly defined times and should not exceed the daily dose according to the harmonized calculation of the BJU.
  • Exercise regularly. The exercises for beginners are great because they are quite easy and simple to do. So you don't have to give them up: if you're trained for two weeks, and then abandoned for a few days, there will be no results. To be effective, a serious systematic approach is required. The habit is developed in forty days, so at least a month you will have to faithfully and steadily perform all the exercises.

Interesting facts:Walking helps you lose weight. Yes, it is completely optional to run in the morning and evening. First, improper running is very harmful to the knee joint. Second, walking to lose weight is ethically easier and more enjoyable than jogging. The only condition: must walk at least 3 km daily. Ideally - 6-10, but few agree with such feats.

The best exercises to work out at home

How to deal with excess weight at home without a simulator? Fortunately, there are a variety of exercises to start losing weight that are great for combating the accumulation of fat in any part of the body.

  1. burpee. This is one of the most effective exercises, its results can be seen after 5-6 regular workouts. It sounds difficult at first, but in fact, the burpee will bring an even load to all muscle groups, helping you to quickly burn excess fat. The exercise is performed as follows:

    • Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Start squatting;
    • linger underneath, hands on the floor on either side of the body;
    • throw your legs back, lowering your chest to the floor as in a push-up;
    • lift the chest, jump the legs forward, return to the bottom squat;
    • Lift yourself up and jump, clapping your hands over your head.

    It is recommended to perform 10 times 2-3 approaches. If that amount seems heavy to you, two sets and 5 reps with increasing load should be enough to start. This not only helps you quickly burn fat, but also develops the respiratory system.

  2. Burpee is the most effective exercise for all muscle groups.
  3. Promote.A must-have exercise in every training program. It helps to train the back muscles, reduce armpit fat, pump and lift the chest muscles. The exercise is performed as follows:

    • emphasis lying down. Hands shoulder-width apart, feet hip-width apart;
    • lower your chest to the floor, the "plank" position should be maintained;
    • Exhale and rise to the starting position.

    Repeat 10 times, depending on your training and ability. Alternatively, you can push up off the sofa or you can do it from the floor with your feet on the sofa: such a reverse push-up works to strengthen the pectoral muscles, which is especially important forfor women with large breasts. chest.

  4. Jumping jack.This exercise can be called the next step after burps and pushups. It is used to load the heart and allows you to effectively burn extra calories. We do the following exercises:

    • spread your feet shoulder-width apart;
    • start jumping, swinging arms;
    • Alternate arms up and down with each jump.

    The number of hits depends on your preparation. Perform the exercise up to 20-30 times in one approach.

  5. Jumping Jack exercise to lose weight
  6. Rotate legs. Exactly one minute to complete - and an amazing result after a few sessions. This exercise helps to work the abs, eliminates the "sides" and creates an additional load on the inner thighs. Do the following exercises:

    • stand upright, feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind head;
    • raise your legs, bend at a right angle and begin to rotate to the side for 15-20 seconds;
    • same - but with the second leg;
    • then repeat the exercise, doing rotations in the other direction.

    You can increase the execution time if you are hard enough.

  7. Wire.A famous exercise where you need a bullet. You can jump rope for 0. 5 to 2 minutes, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of the jump. Exercise helps to quickly remove excess fat from all parts of the body.

  8. Pull up. Not everyone has a bar in their home, but there is certainly one in the yard. Such an exercise not only helps to stretch your arms, but literally works all the muscles in your body. Therefore, pull-ups will help you lose weight quickly, even for those who do not help with other exercises. The implementation technique can be completely different.

  9. Raise the knee.Can be performed both standing and on the crossbar. In the first case, stand up straight and alternately pull your knees towards your chest: this will allow you to work the muscles in your hips and back. In the second case, you will hold the crossbar firmly and simultaneously pull both legs into the chest: doing so will put a higher load, not only on the legs and back, but also on the abs.

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated about weight loss workouts at home, absolutely anyone with any fitness level can do it.

Additional training

For those who are not satisfied with the usual exercises, we recommend looking at some additional training options for beginners. These are fashionable and useful exercises that allow you to strengthen muscles and stretch ligaments.

  1. Yoga. The exercise is not for everyone: contraindicated for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and back injuries. The rest can play a video from the Internet and enjoy the simplest asanas for beginners. You don't have to go to the gym for this. The advantage of yoga is that behind its ease (in the early stages) is its ability to quickly burn large amounts of calories.

  2. Pilates. You can do it, just like yoga, without an instructor. Just having a mat, watching a few basic exercises and strengthening your muscles at home is enough.

  3. Dance. Yes, you can also dance at home. And most modern trends are great to help get rid of excess fat. And those who prefer more traditional options can try bellydance: belly dancing really helps strengthen muscles.


Like we said, you can't eat fast food and try to lose weight. Workout should be accompanied by a diet. However, this does not mean that it has to be as strict as possible, except that everything is delicious and loved from the diet. Diet here refers to proper nutrition. And it doesn't require many restrictions. Its main postulates are:

  • no bad habits. Alcohol is very high in calories, and tobacco not only burdens the lungs;
  • refuse foods that are high in carcinogens, dyes, food additives, salt and sugar. Fast food and factory sweets should disappear from the diet;
  • drinking regimen. A person must consume at least 2 liters of purified water (excluding juices, teas and other beverages);
  • Include more protein and fiber in your diet. These are healthy foods that allow you to quickly fill your body and at the same time do not give it an excessive amount of calories;
  • use special functional foods. For example, for weight loss, there is an entire line of products that help reduce cravings for sweets and help remove excess water from the body.

And finally, it's worth noting that overtraining can be just as damaging as their complete absence. In everything, you need to know how to measure and maintain balance. And then you will feel healthy!