Exercises to reduce belly fat and sides

Women have a sexy belly, a slim waist that makes men crazy. . . Well, what woman wouldn't want that? Unfortunately, each of us has faced (or will still face) the problem of those pesky extra centimeters on the belly and sides. The cause is due to the improper rhythm of life and nutrition, or the recovery process during pregnancy and postpartum. And the most difficult part is the fat left on the abdomen and sides.

Exercises to reduce belly fat and sides

Everyone wants to be in good shape, but only a few are willing to work out hard. Some genetics allow you to eat everything and get no better, others don't. Yes, this is insulting and unfair. You can grieve for two minutes, then gather your thoughts and energy and start working on yourself.

The hardest part of losing weight and exercising is organizing yourself. You need to break old bad habits and start new good ones. This applies to nutrition and physical activity. In order not to forget and not be lazy to do weight loss exercises for the abdomen and hips every day, try hanging a calendar on the wall in front of your eyes and marking it each day you have exercised. You can even set reminders on your phone.

With regular exercise, you should see good results on your abs and hips within 2-3 weeks:

  • Fat deposition will be reduced;
  • The skin will stretch;
  • Blood circulation and the general condition of the body will improve.

Remember to warm up all of your muscles before starting your workout. As a warm-up, you can run in place and do the elementary exercises from school gymnastics. You should go to the gym and wear comfortable clothes to exercise.

Exercises for regular training

The most favorable time for physical activity is considered to be from 10 am to lunch time or from 6 pm to 8 pm. But not everyone can adjust their schedule at this time, so find a plan that is convenient for you. Don't exercise right after a meal and don't eat right after a workout. You can drink a small amount during exercise, because when you exercise diligently, you will sweat and lose water in your body, and you need to replenish your water reserves. To successfully lose weight for the hips and abdomen, you need to do it at least 3 or 4 times a week. But it will be better if you spend 30-40 minutes on exercises every day. Do not be lazy.


This exercise not only helps the glutes to be elastic and beautiful, but also tones the abdominal muscles. Use weights: dumbbells or a two-liter water bottle. Stand up straight, with your stomach pulled in, and place your feet 20 cm apart. As you inhale, squat with your arms extended forward (don't lift your heels off the floor, make sure your knees don't go beyond the toe line), as you exhale, returnoriginal location. Sit down 15-20 times.

Twist - 1 . option

Lie on the floor, bend your knees, fold your arms behind your head. Lift your shoulder blades off the floor and tighten your abs, hold this position for 5 seconds, return to PI (starting position). Keep your elbows out to the sides and your chin up. Do this exercise 10 times. Here the rectus abdominis muscle works, on which abdominal masses appear.

Twist - 2 . option

PI is the same as the first option, but when lifting, you need to bring your right elbow to your left knee and vice versa. Do the exercise 8 times on each side. Oblique abs being exercised.

Leg lift

At an initial level, this exercise can be done lying on the floor, a more complex option would be a wall or crossbar exercise. So, you lie on the floor, with your legs straight, you can hold the sofa with your hands or fold it behind your head. Pull your stomach in and press it against your back, without lifting your lower back off the floor. Slowly raise your straight legs up to the highest possible height for you (ideally perpendicular to the floor), hold them in this position for a few seconds and try to slowly lower them. Repeat 8 times.


Lie on the floor, clasp your hands behind your head, lift your legs, bend your knees, and "pedal" for 1-2 minutes or so. Do your best.

Pillow exercises. Lie on your back, hold your knees with your feet, raise 45 degrees and draw circles of different sizes in the air until the muscles begin to burn. Don't do any exercises that cause pain, but do your best.

Basic body lift exercises. They are performed in a supine position, with the knees bent, and the elbows extended behind the head. Do not press your chin to your chest and do not strain your neck. Inhale while lying on the floor, exhale while sitting. It is necessary to complete 16–20 such lifts.

"Breaking Scissors"

This exercise not only trains the abdominal muscles but also the back. Lie on your stomach and raise your legs (don't bend, keep them straight). Do 4 reps with your leg (this time versus the other), relaxing for a few seconds. Repeat the "pull" motion 4-5 times.


Take the starting position - lying on your stomach, straighten your arms forward. Raise your right arm and opposite leg and stretch them, stretching your back and abdomen. Lower and repeat on the other side. Now raise and extend both arms and legs, hold this position for 10 seconds and relax. Be Superman again.


This is another static exercise, which is very effective for the abs and hips, but quite difficult to do. Pay attention to lying position, leaning on elbows, body should be flat and tight like a string, don't arch your back, don't lift your butt. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes. If this is too long and difficult for you, try to hold on for as long as possible, but at least 10 seconds. Due to the tight abdomen, back, lower back, legs and buttocks, subcutaneous fat is burned and more muscles in your body are strengthened.

Vertical side bend

Such angles of inclination will help to get rid of the extra centimeters on the sides and find a beautiful waist. Stand up straight with your legs slightly apart and do 10 bends to the right as low as possible, sliding your right hand down to your thigh and your left arm stretched over your head to the side. Then do 10 bends to the left. It is more effective if you hold the weight-generating agents in your hand.

The "mill" exercise is performed from the same starting position as the previous one, only leaning forward, touching the toes opposite the hands in turn. Do not bend your legs at the knees, so you will also stretch the back muscles of the hips and buttocks.

Exercise ring

The movement of turning the gym around the waist promotes the decomposition of fat in the abdomen and hips, and perfectly shrinks the waist. You can cycle from 10 minutes to half an hour and even more if you want. You can choose metal or plastic hula rings with attachments. The main thing is that it does not weigh more than 2 kg, otherwise bruises cannot be avoided.

Fitness exercises

Fitball will help strengthen the light strength of the abdominal muscles. The secret of this type of gym exercise is that you need to keep your body balanced, when doing it, bend over your knees. Also, remember to monitor your breathing.

Combine diet with exercise

You need to understand that physical activity alone will not bring the desired results for people who are very overweight. In this case, you can achieve the opposite effect - increasing muscle tissue mass will add more weight to you. Therefore, fitness trainers recommend combining exercise with proper nutrition. This way you will achieve the best results in a short time.